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World and national premieres with the most remarkable actors and filmmakers of the colombian film industry in Tribeca Cinemas, March 20th-24th, 2013.
New York- Within the context of Colombia’s Promotion Plan Abroad, which is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Colombian Embassy to the United States and the Colombian Consulate in New York are very pleased to present you the first edition of the Colombian Film Festival NYC- CFFNYC- which will be held from March 20th-24th in Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street). More than 16 films, 3 of them are world premieres and 8 are national and local premieres that will be shown to the New York’s public during the 5-day festival. This event is promising to be the biggest celebration to the Colombian film industry out of the Colombian boundaries. More than 25 actors and filmmakers will flight straight from Colombia: Carolina Gomez, Álvaro Rodríguez, Martina García, Andy Baiz, Angélica Blandón, Karent Hinestroza, Carlos Moreno and Paola Turbay among others.

The Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Carlos Urrutia Valenzuela, expressed that the kind of events like this festival “strengthen the government strategy to promote the Colombian territory as scenario for films production, stated in the Filmic Colombian Law”
When explaining why the Diplomatic and Consular Mission of Colombia in the U.S was joining this initiative, the General Central Consul of Colombia in New York, Elsa Gladys Cifuentes Aranzazu, stated: “One of the main objectives of the Diplomatic and consular mission of Colombia in the U.S has been the diffusion and strengthening of the Colombian culture, and which better way than through our film industry that has given us so much joy and awards lately”.

The program, which includes a wide range of films genres from comedy to black cinema, from thriller to police drama, including also documentaries and animation, starts on Wednesday March 20th, 6:30pm, with the guests walk on the red carpet, followed by the premiere ofChocó in New York of the filmmaker Jhonny Hendrix and ending with the presentation of the musical group “Kinteto Pacífico” which is leaded by the actor Esteban Copete; the party in the Tribeca Cinema Lounge will have also the performance of DJ Funkenstein

When commenting about his motivations to create this festival, Juan Carlos Carvajal expressed: “This is our moment, the one and only opportunity for the world to see our talent. We are bringing the best of our film industry to the heart of New York”.

Movies like the Hidden face (Andy Baiz), 180 Seconds (Alexander Giraldo), Sofía and the stubborn (Andrés Burgos), Mom, eat your soup (Mario Ribero), Apathy (Arturo Ortegon), The reader (Ricardo Gabrielli), No words (Diego Bustamante, Ana Sofía Osorio), Apaporis (Antonio Dorado), Maybe Tomorrow (Michael Wolfe), Pabblo’s Hippos (Antonio Von Hildebrand), Totó (Hector Francisco Córdoba), Wake up and die (Miguel Urrutia). The festival program also includes conferences and discussions with the special guests and an special recognition to the actor Álvaro Rodriguez (All your dead).

The closing party will be entertained by DJ Funkenstein on Saturday March 23th, at 9:30pm. The closing of the Festival will be on Sunday March 24th, at 7pm, with the premiere of The blue of the sky, of the filmmaker Juan Uribe.

CFFNY is sponsored by the Colombian Embassy in Washington D.C and the Consulate General of Colombia in New York. Delta (official airline of the festival). Univision (official network of the festival), Unimas, Tribeca Grand Hotel (official hotel of the festival), Previsión Exequial, Bienes & Bienes, Mendez Printing, Dulce Vida Café Restaurant, Su Vivienda Internacional, Colombian American Association, Zhumir, Ross & Asmar Law Firm, Carisam, Altura Capital, NY State Latino Restaurant Association, Inc.

For interviews with the director of the CFFNY, Juan Carvajal and the guests artists; high definition photos and video, contact Diana Vargas: / 917-658-7735

WHAT: First Colombian Film Festival New York

WHEN: March 20-24th

WHERE: Tribeca Cinemas- 54 Varick Street (at Laight Street)

RATES: $16,50 general

World premiere

Volver a morir (Wake up and die)

Camila wakes up and does not know where she is, naked, next to Dario, a mysterious man who seduces her and in a moment of passion kills her. She goes back in time at the exact moment she wakes up and gets stuck in a dead end where she dies again and again; however, every time she dies, she sees in the dark mind of the murderer the keys to try to save his life.

El azul del cielo (The blue of the sky)

Camilo is a 23 year-old member of the middle class in Medellin, Colombia. After serving in the army, he returns home eager to make a new life for himself. He spends most of his time playing in a neighborhood indoor soccer league, and there, in a stroke of luck, his coach Berri offers him an opportunity to make some easy money. He initially rejects but in a fateful decision, eventually he concedes and decides to accept the job, thereby involving himself in an uncomfortable illegal situation. Later on CAMILO meets SOL, immediately he becomes infatuated with her, intent on learning everything about her. They fall in love. Eager to shed the ghosts of his past, CAMILO forges a new identity for himself but eventually someone returns from his past threatening to untangle CAMILO’S web of lies and reveal his true identity to SOL. Can CAMILO fight of his ghosts and keep his new life on track?

Premieres in the United States

Apatía (Apathy)- 93 Minutes-2012 (Dir. Arturo Ortegón) The action takes place during Easter week. In this short time, plenty happens. Julián is a writer who has lost interest in life and contemplates committing suicide as a last gesture of inconformity; at the same time, his friend travels to the coast with no particular reason other than to assuage his boredom. Julián’s tragic end forces his friend to literally pull over and try to wrap his head around what has happened. But his words only serve to echo the emptiness felt by a generation teetering on the brink of nothingness. Ortegón employs an elliptical narrative structure in his portrayal of a fragmented, fast-paced world in which death is a tempting alternative in the absence of hope.

Sofía y el terco (Sofía and the stubborn) –84 Minutes-2012 (Dir. Andrés Burgos) Sofía is an old woman who has never been out of her town. She has a very quiet and predictable life with her husband, Alfredo in the top of the Andean mountains. This year, Alfredo has promised to make her dream come true: go to the sea for the first time. However, he finds an excuse to delay the trip. Sofía, sick and concerned of no having another opportunity, feels that she does not have the courage to begin an adventure. Alfredo will learn the lesson of his life.

Principal line

Maybe tomorrow -100 minutes -2012- (Dir. Michael Wolfe) After spending the last fifteen years trying to deny a crime, tree men will be finally forced to revisit the one night that changed their lives. Facing a lengthy prison sentence, RUSS MAHLER, a career criminal armed with a destructive secret, blackmails the only man that can get him off the hook, Manhattan District Attorney GRAHAM SEIFERT, whose Chief of Staff EVAN MIDLAND is called upon to facilitate a resolution. With his hands tied, Graham has Russ acquitted and upon Evan’s insistence, invites him out to his Hampton beach house for the weekend where the three of them will finally attempt to bury a memory that still haunts them. In one night, they will confront the sins of their pasts, face the flawed men they are in the present and determine what they must do to secure a future where hopefully, a better version of them will be waiting.

Chocó –80 Minutes- 2012 (Dir. Johnny Hendrix) Chocó is a black 27 year old woman with two children and a musican husband who only knows to play marimba, drink viche and play domino. Chocó is a strong and tenacious woman. She works in the morning looking for gold in San Juan River and in the afternoons she does the laundry for other families, in order to feed and pay for her children education. It is her daughter’s birthday and for the first time Chocó promised to buy her a cake. However, things get complicated while she struggles to keep her promise and unexpected consequences are triggered for Chocó and her family.

Mamá, tómate la sopa (Mom, eat your soup)- 96 minutes (Dir. Mario Ribero) Vincent is a 40 years old man who still lives with his mother. He meets Christina, the new neighborhood hairdresser, who offers her ingenious treatment for baldness. He shows himself as independent men who care of his sick mother. As for Christina’s formula for treating baldness, he convinces her that her miraculous solution works, and promises her to invest in his concoction and convert it in a word class brand, but for that they need the money from his mother.

180 segundos (180 Seconds) -90 Minutes–2012-(Dir. Alexander Giraldo) Zico is the leader of the most respected thieves’ gang of the city; their robberies are perfect, without bullets, injuries and without leaving a trace. He and his sister are hoping to leave the country and start a new life after their last job. With this aim, they plan the perfect robbery for 3 exact minutes. However, Zico does not take into account the details behind all this: an unknown love that shows up, an special police unit that has traced them and a soccer match attracting everyone’s attention in the city. Zico’s life, his sister and other nine people will meet in 180 seconds that will show normal human beings who laugh and make laugh, who love and want to love, who steal and do not want to die. 180 Seconds that will bring out the best and the worst of these human beings.

La lectora (The reader)- 96 Minutes –2012 (Dir. Riccardo Gabrielli R) is the story of a college girl who is kidnapped by chance, by a couple of bad guys; therefore she can translate a manuscript and confirm an urban legend. Somewhere in the city lies a treasure, a hidden briefcase. This mysterious manuscript tells the story of a couple. KAREN, a stripper and CACHORRO, a young and ambitious cab driver, they hide the briefcase in a secret location to escape an ambush. Now they will risk their lives in order to get to it, because it contains the longing of a new life. Nothing is as it seems.

La cara oculta (The Hidden Face) 2011- 112 Minutes- (Dir. Andres Baiz) Is a psychological thriller that explores the boundaries of love, jealousy and betray. Adrian, a director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogotá and his girlfriend Belén seem to be too in love. But when Belen begins to doubt of his fidelity, disappears leaving no trace. Adrian founds shelter in his music and in Fabiana, a beautiful waitress. Though, as the passion grows between them, questions about the mysterious disappearance of Belen start to show up.

Todos tus muertos (All your dead) - 88 Minutes- 2011(Dir. Carlos Moreno) In this fantastically shot tragicomic satire, an ordinary farmer’s morning routine is interrupted when he makes a grim discovery in the middle of his cornfield—a huge pile of dead bodies. Aghast, he reports the mysterious massacre on what happens to be Election Day. When the small-town mayor and police lieutenant take notice, fearful of unleashing a public scandal, they stall and intimidate the farmer and his family. Meanwhile, the sun beats down, and the eerie corpses remain, refusing to be ignored.

Sin palabras (No words)- 2012- 95 Minutes (Dir. Diego Fernando Bustamante / Ana Sofía Osorio Ruiz) Raúl lives alone and works at a hardware store. Unhappy with the way his life has turned out, he waits for something or someone to come along and change it. One day, he notices a Chinese girl outside the store. She sits there for hours and Raúl’s curiosity is finally aroused. It turns out the girl doesn’t speak a word of Spanish ―hence the title―, but as they get to know each other, Raúl learns that Lian has entered Colombia illegally in the hope of eventually making it to the United States. The love affair they embark on will prompt Raúl to stop procrastinating and take control of his own life.


Enlazando querencias (Lassoing affections) -70 Minutes –2012 (Dir. Talía Osorio Cardona) This documentary records a landscape reminiscent of the setting in an old western and features some 40 men and thousands of head of cattle in an event that is not to be missed, confirming the existence, even in the 21st century, of lifestyles still capable of defying Western society’s capacity for wonder. The situation in which the modern-day “llaneros” currently find themselves is directly related to the imminent transformation of our roots.

Apaporis –2012 -70 Minutes- (Script and direction: Antonio Dorado Zúñiga) Apaporis takes us on a journey through the untraded, war-locked Northwest Amazon, where we discover the secret knowledge of Cabiyari and Cubeo indigenous cultures and their insight into nature, life, and medicinal and psychotropic plants. With breathtaking images, millenary secrets are revealed such as the preparation of Yagé (“The vine of the Gods”), pulverized coca and curare, alongside a magical practice to revive dead animals. These communities, besieged by the looming death of their sacred languages and cultures, must now come together to preserve their very survival.

Totó -80 Minutes –2012 (Dir. Héctor Francisco Córdoba Castaño) Totó is a journey through the Colombian caribbean, its people, its landscapes, its traditions and its music; a trip that allows us to understand its women singing and the resound of its“tamboras” from Totó, La Momposina, an icon of the Colombian culture and music; and her closest friends and fans who, with a poetic language, will be narrating their culture and traditions, ending with a concert in Bogotá where will be gathered the most important exponents of the traditional Caribbean music.

Pablo’s Hippos-115 Minutes- 2010 (Dir. Antonio Von Hildebrand) This story starts with the escape of three hippos from Napoles farm, property of Pablo Escobar. Those three hippos are the perfect excuse to go back to the 80’s decade and rebuild, from a selected group of testimonies (an former Colombian President, a former minister, Escobar’s private photographer and one of his hired assassin) the drug trafficker’s power delirium, somehow represented in his own zoo. Antonio Caballero’s drawings provide an extra value to the film, and open a space for reflection and irony.

Short films

Cama 5 –13 Minutes- 2002 (Dir. Jose Luis Arzuaga) A priviledged place in a hospice Ward is the space for dreams and illusions.

Koko: Payasos o mimos? (Koko: Clowns or mimes?) 19:24 Minutes- 2012– (Dir. Mateo Stivelberg)In a world devastated by the shortage of resources and the degradation of moral values, a war takes place without the awareness of its citizens. Clowns Vs Mimes; a millenary dispute that’s been settled since the beginning of our era. Koko, an old clown soldier with a dark past, breaks into the house of Mimek, a very orthodox but dangerous mime. He’s mission: finding the codes that will disable a hidden bomb in the Clown’s headquarters. Koko will pull out all of his most cruel and violent tricks to achieve the impossible. Making a Mime talk.

Rush – 2012 (Dir. Juan Fischer) Is a story about a motorcycle messenger who has to deliver a life organ. He breaks every traffic law to get there on time, but encounters multiple obstacles to obtain his goal, including running out of gas and risking his life to prevent the organ from being stolen. He finds out that he is searching for the wrong address in Manhattan. Now he’s got only 5 min to get to his destination in Brooklyn to save a woman’s life.

INVITADA ESPECIAL: El Elefante rojo (The Red Elephant) - 26:45 Minutes 2009 (Dir. Ana Maria Hermida) The Red Elephant is the first short film, under the direction of a Colombian woman, that receives two of the annual awards of the New York School of Visual Arts., during the 21st version of the Dusty Film Festival: the Best outstanding film and the best outstanding direction of the year, the two most important awards of the festival; it was also nominated for Best edition.

Amanecer (Dawn) – 19:40 Minutes- 2010 (Dir. Álvaro Ruiz) Juan, a southamerican Young man, struggles to build a new life for his wife and daughter in Australia. The dreams become lies and lies become true. Could Juan see the light of dawn.

El secreto (The Secret) -16 Minutes- 2012-(Dir. Patricia Castañeda) When Álvaro, an ordinary man in an ordinary day is told about a secret, everything in his life that day becomes circumstantial. Attacked by his mind, dominated by his most deep fears; in order to prevent revealing the secret, takes a very drastic decision.

APT 101 – 16 Minutes -2012 – (Dir. ClaudioCataño) Doña Helena dies on her birthday while she blows the 89 candles. Mara, a young geriatrician, when facing this situation, which should be normal for her, reacts in a vehement and foolish way. The smell of the old lady, the memories in her pictures and the wrinkles full of life, feed Mara's need for loneliness, until she takes possession of her life, and becoming the old lady.

Soy de Colombia (I am from Colombia)- 2 Minutes- 2013 (Dir. Yeimi Salazar) After being asked thousand times for mi passport, being treated as a mule, after being subdued to a stomach radiography and have to listen what shameless people says every time I say I am from Colombia, has turned me in a nose.

El trompetista (The Trumpeter)– 2011 (Dir. Miguel Rueda) The trumpeter is the story of a lonely, passionate and not very talented musician who has not have too much success and some can call him a loser. However, everything changes when he meets a woman in the subway. Since that very moment he realizes that not having talent might be what saves him and helps him to have the woman of his dreams.

I am Julia - 2012 14:40 Minutes (Dir. Marisol Carrere) The hard adaptation of two Colombian girls to the American society.


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